Collective Leadership entails distributing and allocating leadership power to wherever expertise, capability and motivation sit within organisations. Collective Leadership inspires individuals to deliver excellent results because the principle of Collective Leadership is universal, powerful, practical and highly effective – and puts the patient right at the centre of attention.

Collective leadership is the most relevant and effective leadership model available today. Healthcare organisations worldwide are using Collective Leadership in order to improve patient safety, clinical care and to develop key leadership capabilities and management skills within their clinical and healthcare teams.

Collective Leadership is practical, relevant and highly effective

Collective Leadership develops and strengthens leadership skills at all clinical, managerial & organisational levels. Effective leadership at all organisational levels is a critical requirement within the NHS. Doctors, clinicians, healthcare workers & managers all need relevant leadership skills. The philosophy of Collective Leadership is a top priority given the current clinical, financial and economic challenges facing the modern NHS.

The Handle Consultancy offers specialised & highly effective training in Collective Leadership.

Collective Leadership

Our Collective Leadership training courses have been specially developed for clinical and managerial staff. Courses are available at levels – from the newly appointed doctor or manager through to senior consultants, board directors and chief executives. Training courses are delivered and facilitated by one of our team of experienced training consultants including Vaughan Roberts CEO of The Handle Consultancy.

Our training programmes are interactive, effective, enjoyable and memorable – but don’t take our word for it! Have a look our client testimonials here.

Most importantly though, whichever of our training courses you choose, we are confident that this will deliver a significant improvement to the effectiveness and performance of both individuals and teams within your organization.


Collective Leadership training delivers ...

  • Empower & engage every individual
  • Encourage ownership & initiative
  • Build & maintain teams
  • Develop & support individuals
  • Set & achieve ambitious targets
  • Develop confidence & assertiveness
  • Effectively manage organisational change

Collective Leadership is ideal for

    • Doctors & consultants
    • Medical specialists & clinicians
    • Nurses, midwives & healthcare workers
    • Senior management, team leaders
    • Department Heads


    • NHS Foundation Trusts
    • NHS hospitals & clinics
    • GP surgeries
    • Manufacturing
    • Services