All courses are packed full of relevant knowledge and information so that delegates will return to the workplace motivated, engaged and ready to deploy their new skills and learning. Our training courses are regularly updated to ensure that content is kept fresh, relevant, interesting and topical.

At The Handle Consultancy, we offer a wide range of Leadership and Management Training Courses.

With offices based in Nottingham, we specialise in soft skills and interpersonal skills training, delivered to private businesses, public sector bodies and health organisations across the UK.

With our range of pre-designed courses, we can be quickly on-hand to deliver in your own offices or a neutral location.

Chose one of our existing training courses, or build one of your own:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Manage For High Performance
  • Use Assertiveness for Positive Outcomes
  • Conflict & People Management
  • First Time Leadership

In-House Training Courses

Delivered on-site, at your offices. We come to you. High quality training, without the hassle, costs of travel, hotels, meals, expenses, delays, time away from work …

Sometimes, open courses are absolutely perfect – especially when you only have a small number of people who need to attend.

But what about when you have to provide training for larger groups? Then, the additional costs of travel, meals and perhaps even overnight accommodation … plus all that time away from the office, means that this is just not a practical solution.

So think about In-House Training. The same high quality training you expect from an open course. But none of the hassle. Sounds good? Get in touch to find out more.

Bespoke Training Courses

The Handle Consultancy offers a bespoke service which covers a wide range of leadership, management, communication and inter-personal skills development topics.

Bespoke or custom designed training courses are ideally suited to “in-house” delivery, where key individuals within your business can be brought in to personally add weight to support specific training sessions.

So have a think about bespoke training – perfect for when “open course” training is not quite enough.

Get in touch to find out more